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Brand Beth Van Gelder

Beth Van Gelder is a painter who works primarily with acrylics, collage and mixed media. She most often works in series with themes that reflect the uniqueness of her own life experiences. Using travel as a subject, she attempts to the capture culture and emotion of place through the use of color, pattern and symbolism. Bali, Australia, Myanmar and Italy are four of the many places that have captured her imagination and led to paintings that combine representation with abstraction.

Her latest series deals with the subject of house and home. Recognizing that every culture has a unique way of approaching the architecture of house and the objects that make it home, her imagery ranges from personal to the universal. Images from her vast collection of artifacts often end up in her paintings.

Van Gelder’s work is in many private collections and the collection of the Harvard University Law Library. She has shown her work in many group exhibitions in the US and abroad, and several solo exhibitions including the Seniwati Gallery in Bali and the Christopher Brodigan Gallery in Groton, MA.