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"Golden Boy" - Andrew DeVries

$ 475.00

Brand Andrew DeVries

© 2013  by Andrew DeVries
6"h 6"w 4"d;
edition of 35, Bronze;

These are sculptures that are currently available all of which are signed, numbered and are of limited quantity.


Andrew DeVries grew up on a dairy farm in Upstate New York. His development as an artist started at an early age when he would paint in oils and copy masterworks out of his growing collection of art books.  He was greatly influenced by the PBS series “Civilization” by the great Art historian Sir Kenneth Clark.  Andrew left the farm at age 20 and traveled west to Denver, Colorado where he found Ballet Denver and choreographer and artistic director Rieke Maria Love who encouraged him to take up sculpting.

He later began instruction in mold making with Raelee Frazier and also learned the intricacies of bronze casting with Lee Schenkeir.  Andrew traveled to Europe in 1984 where he saw in person many of the works he had so admired in books.  Andrew entered the Paris –American Academy of Fine Arts which to date is his only formal training. 

After returning from Europe he settled in Middlefield, Massachusetts, and shortly thereafter received a commission to sculpt the portrait of Massachusetts Congressman Silvio O. Conte and another commission for a relief for the Lichtenstein Art Center.  His career took off from there, leading to many awards and esteemed recognition. Today, his sculptures can be seen throughout the world, both in private and public collections. 

Andrew continues to cast and finish all his sculptures at his studio and foundry, River Studio in Middlefield, MA. He and his wife Patricia opened DeVries Fine Art International, Inc., their gallery in Lenox, MA, now in its thirteenth year.