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"The Austrian Woman" - Vanessa Boucher

$ 100.00

Brand Vanessa Boucher

LAST WORDS Portrait Series

Marie Antoinette (1755-1793)
Queen of France & Navarre
Executed by the Revolutionary Tribunal for treason against the principles of the Revolution
Alleged last words: "Pardon me monsieur, I meant not to do it."


Archival Inkjet Print
Framed and signed by the artist


Vanessa Boucher's latest body of work was nurtured by an avid love of books and history combined with an eye for design and a passion for typography. Her "Last Words" typographic portrait series explores the relationship between how we perceive history and how it was written. Composed entirely of text pulled from their final words as they were recorded and representational photography - these portraits highlight some of the most infamous royal women in history who were executed or assassinated for their beliefs, for their failings or simply for being royalty. 

After pursuing her interests in History at Cape Cod Community College she graduated from The New England Institute of Art, Brookline, MA in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic design. It was there she first began to explore typography as an artistic medium in combination with pop culture portraits.

Professionally, Vanessa is a graphic designer, media development associate and consultant. Artistically, Vanessa’s work can be found in numerous private collections and several recent exhibitions in the Boston area. To view more of her work please visit vanessaboucherdesign.com. Custom portrait commissions available by request.

Currently Vanessa lives in Needham, MA and can usually be found reading in her free time. She estimates she’s read over 5,000 books in her life.