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"Finding Gold" - Beth Van Gelder

$ 950.00

Brand Beth Van Gelder

24" x 36"

Mixed media on canvas


This artist has traveled extensively and much of the inspiration for her paintings comes from her travels. Because she is more interested in culture than in monuments, her imagery is interpretive and her use of color is arbitrary rather than realistic. Although many of the paintings contain representational images, those images are primarily intended to function on an allegorical level.

Working with acrylic paints, gels and mediums, the transparent layers reveal multiple stories. The latest work references the subject of house and home. In this body of work, the artist investigates they myriad symbols and images that this subject evokes on a person and universal level, while acknowledging that the concept of house and home is not fixed in human consciousness; it can be culturally maintained in infinite ways.

The artist has shown her work in the Netherlands, Italy and Indonesia and galleries in New York and New England. Her work is in many private collections as well as the Harvard University Law Library.